Reflexolo-chi™ is a gentle variation of the traditional reflexology foot massage that was developed by Gloria Zimet in the late 1990s. Gloria practices and teaches reflexolo-chi™ in Ann Arbor, Michigan (USA).

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In this approach, the practitioner conscientiously tunes into and works with energy flow (chi) while massaging the reflex zones. Its special capacity to gently, yet profoundly stimulate the tissue to release pent-up tension has an immediate impact on the person’s physical and emotional well-being. The healing process is accelerated, safely and naturally, without the pain or side effects that sometimes accompanies other forms of treatment. Instead of taking several sessions to experience benefits, people often feel significant improvement in their ailments during or following a single session!

How did reflexolo-chi™ evolve?

For the first six years following my reflexology certification, I practiced the traditional method of foot reflexology I learned in Israel. Its focus was on alleviating the physical manifestations of bodily dis-ease by massaging the reflex zones on the feet, with extra attention given to areas that felt rigid, swollen or full of crystals. Although it is based on the same principles as the Ingham method and most Oriental styles, the style of reflexology I learned differed in the amount of pressure used (it is not as deep or painful) and in the smooth, even movement of the thumbs and fingers during the massage (in contrast to thumb walking).

The events that changed the way I practice and view reflexology happened one day when I felt a surprising sensation in my client’s feet. Curious as to whether I could also feel similar phenomenon in other people’s feet, I soon discovered that these unusual responses would occur predictably with every client whenever I changed the way I worked. The slower I moved my fingers and the less pressure I applied, the more internal energy vibrations I could feel beneath the surface of the skin. If I waited until the “pulse-like or bubbling” sensation in the reflex zone subsided, there would typically be an immediate and distinct change in the tissue texture. Reflex zones that were initially hard and unyielding became significantly softer following this type of contact. My fascination with this phenomenon led me to study Reiki and become a level II practitioner, a skill that continues to enhance my ability to detect internal energy blockages and releases, as well as movement in the foot tissue.


For the past several years, it has become common for people to express their amazement that such a gentle and relaxing treatment could affect them so profoundly, even more so than other methods of reflexology and bodywork they experienced. Hearing such feedback and observing such dramatic changes surprised me too. My training, which only addressed healing on a physical level, did not prepare me for the astounding openings in the physical, emotional and spiritual realms that have spontaneously emerged.

Responses such as these that “were not supposed to occur” in reflexology occur regularly and naturally with reflexolo-chi. Particularly striking are the insights that emerge between physical pain and unresolved emotional or spiritual issues. Experiencing firsthand the extraordinary power of the mind body spirit connection enables clients to more readily explore a holistic approach to their health and well-being. The impact that their nutrition, emotions, behaviors and beliefs may be having on their health is also discussed during the session.