Psych-K™: Changing Limiting Subconscious Beliefs


Psych-K (Psychology-Kinesiology) is a simple and effective method of communicating directly with your subconscious mind in order to uncover pre-programmed beliefs from your past that may be preventing you from obtaining the success, happiness and optimal mental and physical health you seek. By working with your subconscious mind to rewire the old beliefs that automatically precipitate and perpetuate your undesirable behaviors and habits, Psych-K can empower you to end the recurring nature of those responses.

Subtle, yet profound changes in peoples’ behaviors, habits and even physical health are set into motion after the session. The annoying or hurtful comments or actions made by others that would have predictably triggered them in the past no longer do so.Interestingly, the difficult people or circumstances in our lives don’t change. It is our own responses to them that shift, and in the process, prevent us from being helplessly drawn into those ongoing dramas.


Does This Sound Familiar?

  • Certain situations automatically trigger unwanted behavior
  • Repeated conflicts with family, friends or co-workers
  • Doubts about your worth or self-esteem
  • Recurrent health problems
  • Ongoing financial difficulties
  • Unresolved grief or anxiety

Are you frustrated because you read the books, attended the workshops or spent time in counseling, but still find yourself lapsing into old behaviors or fears despite all the time and effort you have devoted to doing it differently? Certainly the insight you gained may have shed light on the origins of your problem. You may finally understand why you behave and feel the way you do. You probably learned well-intended strategies to modify those behaviors or attitudes that are counterproductive to your well-being. Yet if you are still in the same old rut, the knowledge you gained has not really led to meaningful improvement in your day-to-day life.

According to Psych-K, that is because insight, willpower and motivation work with the conscious mind, where they are unable to access and change the underlying beliefs that precipitate the repetitive behavior. Those beliefs are stored in our subconscious minds, where hidden from our awareness, they are the force that drives our behaviors. As infants and young children, our impressionable minds absorbed countless beliefs instilled by our parents, teachers and clergy, as well as by our own interpretations of our surroundings. While most of these beliefs are harmonious with our highest interests, some of them reflect limiting, core beliefs about our abilities, self-worth, talents, relationships, feelings, money and health.

If you or a loved one fit this description, it may be time to try a different approach.


How Does Psych-K Work?

Psych-K offers a simple and effective method of communicating directly with your subconscious mind in order to uncover preprogrammed beliefs from your past that may be preventing you from obtaining the success, happiness and optimal mental and physical health you seek. How is this accomplished? Using muscle testing to check for the presence of limiting subconscious beliefs, followed by sitting in a cross body position for a short time while repeating the desired belief statement. In a process that typically takes less than half an hour, communication between the right and left hemispheres of the brain are brought back into their natural state of balance, as the negative version of the belief is transformed into the positive. Muscle testing is repeated again to ensure that the process is complete.

Unlike approaches where you discuss or analyze how and why the belief exists, in Psych-K, recognizing its negative impact and having the desire to rewrite it is all that is necessary. The person receiving a Psych-K “balance” is fully conscious and in complete control during the process, and frequently feels a wonderful sense of peace and relaxation during and after the balancing.

Many of my clients begin to notice changes in their behaviors and habits (or health) shortly after the session, ranging anywhere from that day to a few weeks later. Part of the variation depends on when they encounter a situation that had previously triggered the undesirable behavior. If it happens soon after the session, the opportunity to notice a change will happen earlier.

A Case in Point

To illustrate how this fascinating process works, let’s review the case of a woman who requests a Psych-K balance in order to become more patient toward her family members, since she is frequently set off by what she describes as truly little things. She knows deep down that she can do better than this, she even uses techniques like affirmations or counting to ten before saying anything aloud, yet despite her understanding and awareness, she is still unable to control her outbursts. She is frustrated and embarrassed that she cannot break this cycle.

She balanced for the belief “I am patient with the amount of time it takes for myself and for others to change.” Nothing significant happened during the balance. But on her way home that evening, in the middle of an unusually heavy traffic jam, she became aware of how calm she felt, completely opposite from her usual stress and road rage under such circumstances.

Mountain Landscape

Later that week, rather than berating her daughter for leaving her notebook at school, her first response was to offer to drive her there to pick it up. Not very monumental for most people, but for her this was a significant change in the way she used to react to life’s little inconveniences. When her husband was having a disagreement with their son, she let him handle the situation. Her newfound patience allowed her to step back from, not into their discussion. During a recent family vacation, she did not become worked up over the little things, again a sharp contrast to previous trips where spending 24 hours a day together meant frequent clashes due to her impatience. Several months later, she continues to notice more examples of her patience, and says it feels effortless and almost normal!!

The Mind-Body Connection: Combining Psych-K with Reflexolo-chi

Besides using Psych-K to address behavioral and relationship issues, I have also been experimenting with it for health concerns – to determine whether or not an individual’s chronic physical ailment has a root cause in a limiting subconscious belief.  The results have been astounding. Balancing the belief in the subconscious mind sets the stage for freeing the accompanying physical tension that had been inextricably bound up in the person’s body. This should not come as such a surprise in light of the mind/body/spirit interconnection, yet knowing it theoretically and witnessing it firsthand is extraordinary.

According to the fundamental principles of reflexology, the feet mirror the health of the body. Therefore, if Psych-K is truly able to free physical tension in the body that was linked to a subconscious belief, that change should be reflected in the reflex zones of the feet. With this goal in mind, I began to evaluate the foot reflex zones before and after a Psych-K balance. Without exception, areas of the foot that had been steadfastly rigid and unyielding were not only more pliable, but paved the way for other areas to soften and open more easily, leading to even greater physical benefit in the body. Several clients with debilitating hip and/or low back pain have reported dramatic improvement in their level of discomfort and significantly less incidence of pain!!