Reflexolo-chi™ workshop

5-WEEK WORKSHOP:    The next workshop is scheduled to begin September 2019
This hands-on training is an ideal way to learn the fundamentals and joy of giving a reflexolo-chi™ foot massage to family and friends - whether for pure relaxation, pain relief or to prevent the onset of illness.  Plus you'll receive a relaxing, revitalizing 45 minute mini-session each week!
Each week, I will demonstrate a new massage sequence using an easy to learn and recall format.  I will also review the techniques that were taught the previous week.   The remaining time will be devoted to practicing, half the time as the reflexologist, and the other half as the recipient.

The workshops are typically held at my office from 6:15 to 10:00 pm. The small class size (maximum of 6 students) makes it easy for everyone to observe the demonstrations up close and receive individual feedback. 

The investment of $375 includes handouts and massage cream. The only prerequisite is having received at least one reflexolo-chi™ session from me prior to registering.

Note:  This workshop is a prerequisite for the 250-hour reflexolo-chi™ certification program.

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"A true Master is not the one with the most students, but one who creates the most Masters…” N. Walsch

Reflexology (reflexolo-chi™) certification program: "SOLE TRAINING"        

The reflexolo-chi™ certification course is intended for students who have completed the reflexolo-chi™ workshop and are interested in pursuing reflexology as a career. This comprehensive program expands on the practical massage skills taught in the workshop, but moves at a slower pace to allow students ample time to master those techniques.

The next reflexolo-chi™ certification course is scheduled to begin in February 2020

Learn more about the 250-hour reflexolo-chi™ certification program  



In this updated workshop, you will learn a variety of techniques (including medicinal Chi Gung, visualization, affirmations, gentle movements and advanced reflexology hand placements) that dramatically enhance the body's ability to release pent up tension. 

They are fabulous for the elderly, for individuals with joint replacements, for athletes as well as for people of all ages and abilities whose bodily discomfort and restricted movement have not responded to other treatments.  

Many of these complementary skills double as simple self-care practices that can be used for yourself or taught to clients to help them continue the healing process on their own. 

The first 2 classes will focus on these common musculo-skeletal disorders:

  • back pain and stiffness

  • leg and hip pain

  • knee restrictions and discomfort

  • neck and shoulder pain and restricted movement

The date for the next session of this workshop has not yet been determined.