Gloria Zimet

My unexpected introduction to the world of holistic healing began 28 years ago while searching for a way to alleviate my 4 year old son’s asthma attacks. I couldn’t fathom that giving him harmful prescription medications was the only treatment available for such a common disease.   Even when his pediatrician informed me he would never outgrow his asthma (which he did), I followed my maternal instinct and discovered reflexology.

I was so intrigued that a soothing foot massage could reduce the severity of his symptoms and the frequency of his asthma attacks that I signed up for a local reflexology training.  Little did I realize that it would blossom into a fulfilling career, a deep appreciation for the interplay between the mind, body and spirit and a passion for natural, holistic approaches to health and healing.  

I am committed to spreading the word about these treatment options because they are so effective, have no known side effects and are rarely mentioned to patients by the medical professionals they turn to for their care.  

"We've exhausted all conventional measures. One last desperate option is to put you on an alternative medicine that has a 96 percent success rate."

"We've exhausted all conventional measures. One last desperate option is to put you on an alternative medicine that has a 96 percent success rate."


I take pride in creating a sacred environment that encourages and empowers you to be actively involved in your healing.  Where you can freely discuss your symptoms and all of your concerns. Where age is a number, not a limitation.  Where relationships matter.   Where you are supported in your journey to live with greater ease, joy and energy, and even be a model of health for others. Where you experience firsthand how your body can heal naturally and function optimally.

Working through my own physical and emotional hardships has given me a heightened sensitivity and compassion for the challenges that you may be facing. 


Reflexolo-chi™  is the name I coined for the unique style of reflexology I developed. It is a gentle and soothing variation of the traditional foot massage which often touches people deeply - as you may have guessed from the tagline “massaging soles…healing souls”.

In my quest to find simple, safe and natural methods of alleviating  pain and suffering, I studied Reiki, Trager™, Chi Gung, Psych-K™, and most recently nonviolent communication.  My practice has expanded to address how emotions, feelings, thoughts, beliefs and cultural conditioning directly and predictably affect physical and mental health.  I intuitively draw upon a combination of these modalities to facilitate and accelerate healing.


I received my reflexology training and certification in Israel in 1990. Prior to becoming a reflexologist, I earned a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Michigan, and worked as a medical technologist in hospital laboratories in the US and abroad.  I combine my extensive background in the western understanding of how the human body functions with the complementary and holistic approach to health and disease that is the foundation of reflexology.