I am filled with such gratitude for how you, your work, your presence, your being, have contributed to my growth and development...and allowed me to connect more fully with my inner light.

I can feel this love from you as a gift passed down from our mother earth, a gift that has been passed down between women for centuries and given to all women - and they in turn give and share the gift - the gift of healing feminine energy and love that is present and flowing in the universe.

MR, business coach


Gloria's unique method of reflexolo-chi is very gentle and relaxing.  She has a gentle, non-judgmental and supportive demeanor.  She encourages her client to set the tone from quiet and restful to more talkative with information and feedback.  I benefited tremendously from working with Gloria during an extremely stressful time in my life and I credit her work and care with playing an important role in my healing.

CA, personal coach


Gloria Zimet's holistic healing practice has enriched my life in more ways than I ever could have imagined.  Four years ago I met her as a young client with physical symptoms that nobody knew how to address. Gloria welcomed my puzzling case with compassion and gave me hope with beliefs in limitless possibilities and spontaneous healing.

During that first year, her techniques resonated so strongly with me that I enrolled in her Reflexolo-chi certification course.  As her student, I appreciated her innovative teaching style and refreshing perspectives on creating safe healing spaces.

Today I still benefit from her support in one-on-one sessions as well as group courses for continuing education. By approaching each interaction from an open-minded and heart-centered place, Gloria exemplifies the meaning of mentorship. I feel grateful that she remains a primary source of inspiration on my path of personal and professional healing.

RG, holistic healthcare practitioner


I've learned so much from you, in such a small amount of time. You've helped me realize a lot of things I knew, but, thought I was crazy, because very few people I've ever met thought like me. I felt like an outcast and couldn't figure out why I was here or where I belonged. Very few people could understand me, until, miraculously I found you, to help me understand what might be my path.

MF, student


Since I've started doing reflexolo-chi my life has changed dramatically.  My capacity to love and to be loved has exploded.  Before, my range of emotions was so limited. Now, when I'm uncomfortable in a certain situation I have the resources available to figure out what's causing my feelings and create an affirmation to help myself.  My relationships with my family and friends and benefited so much from this.  I'm a much happier, more content with myself and really just proud to be me.

SA, student


I launched a new business in August 2005. For the first few years, we were phenomenally successful. Then the recession came. Clients significantly dialed back and prospects went from modest to grim.

Despite all the obvious reasons to assume that the economic downturn was to blame, Gloria suspected that our team probably shared a limiting belief that was responsible for inhibiting our company’s growth. With a mix of hope and skepticism, we met with Gloria to assess whether that was so (it was), and agreed to have her assist us in rewriting those subconscious thought patterns.

We didn’t have to wait long for signs of improvement. Within 48 hours there were several astonishing developments, and after approximately three months, our company took a new direction–replete with two new products we’re developing, two new staff members, several new clients, and interest on the part of private investors! We’re also having the best financial quarter in 2.5 years.

JR, entrepreneur


You asked me how my legs and feet felt and I really couldn’t tell right at the moment. It is when I started walking that I felt the difference - for once I wasn’t dragging my heavy stiff legs around. My ankles and feet were limber and (are) still that way.

PG, sales manager


I am finding the work to be very useful in taking care of a hip problem I have, as well as for general relaxation and body awareness. Gloria exudes the most gentle, supportive, safe, and calming presence one could hope to experience… She is also very sensitive to my need for conversation or quiet while we work, and has offered me numerous suggestions of specific stretches and exercises to do, as well as readings that would complement our work together.

SG, psychologist


I am amazed. For as long as I can remember, I have awakened several times during the night, and usually have a difficult time falling back asleep. After my reflexology session, I slept soundly through the night, woke up very relaxed, stayed that way through my busy day, and have been sleeping like this for several weeks straight.

MY, physician


I often have intense headaches, and happened to arrive for my appointment with another one of those. Before you were even half way done, my headache was completely gone!!

KT, teacher consultant


My podiatrist recommended I see you for my hammertoes that are preventing me from wearing many of my shoes. You suggested that I check to see if I clench my toes during the day, and sure enough, I saw myself clenching them that same evening. I can tell that reflexology is going to change my life.

CD, audiologist


I had no idea that reflexology could be so relaxing. I mean you’re just massaging my feet, but I really feel so much more relaxed after reflexology than I do after massage.

EB, computer programmer


I used to get sick many times every year. Ever since I have been receiving reflexology treatments, I have not had a single cold!

AK, homemaker


My feet are so sore that it hurts me to touch them, so I couldn’t imagine letting anyone else go near them. My friend insisted that I come to see you because she said your style of massage doesn’t hurt. I didn’t believe her, but I was desperate, so I made an appointment. I couldn’t believe how good it felt to have someone touch my feet. I could get up and walk without pain right after the session.

BD, nurse


I felt incredibly relaxed after the session. My feet weren’t nearly so stiff and I felt very grounded.  What really surprised me was the improved sound quality of my music.

JZ, professional musician


I work with a lot of practitioners.  What I like most about working with you is that you have a way of bringing out the best in me.

OS, physical therapist


Thank you again for the wonderful reflexology session. Not only was it healing in the moment, but the information you gave me about my parathyroid (gland) is aiding me in figuring out just exactly what is happening inside that is affecting me musculoskeletally.

MS, psychologist


For as long as I can remember, my voice would sound very strained when I was tired or under even a little stress. This was especially noticeable while I was at work where the environment was very stressful

I noticed a dramatic change in my voice (in less than 2 weeks); the tightness was gone, and when I spoke, there was no longer a raspy strained sound coming out… I can now speak with more confidence knowing that what I say will come out sounding stronger and clear. I now know that I can use affirmations as a tool to continue to make improvements in my life.

GK, secretary


I am feeling more calm and centered in my core.

MS, pharmacist


I am still feeling the effects of today’s session, with a real freedom in my knees/hips and movement. This is longer than I’ve had this kind of improvement hold for quite some time. It feels like we did some really, really core stuff today!!! Yay! Thank you for sharing your perceptions and your support.

KT, massage therapist


My session Monday night was amazing. I feel present for the first time in years. I’ve been walking around buried under a four-inch layer of numbness for I don’t even know how long.

On Tuesday morning I didn’t feel the intense dread that I usually do before work. People at work noticed a huge difference in me. "You have to tell us about what you did Monday. You’re a different person.”

I always have some kind of ache or stiffness in my back, yet I had none this week.

JB, paralegal assistant


A mother’s perspective about her daughter’s progress:
In 2006, my daughter, Lindsay, was diagnosed with a stage 4 glioblastoma (malignant brain tumor).  Lindsay had surgery, radiation and chemotherapy treatments and is currently dealing with the side effects of radiation which has left her with a weakness on her left side.

When she first met with Gloria, Lindsay could walk with the use of a cane but had very little range of motion in her left leg, and she could not move her left arm at all. After several sessions, she has been able to eliminate many of her negative beliefs and is able to lift her left leg to a 90-degree angle when lying down and reach her left arm across her body and touch her right ear.

The improvement she has made is truly miraculous! Lindsay has been in several physical therapy and occupational therapy programs and nothing has made such a difference in her life as the combination of reflexology and reprogramming limiting subconscious beliefs.

GR, Lindsay’s mother


I strongly recommend reflexology together with addressing underlying limiting subconscious beliefs, as my daughter and I have both experienced life changing benefits. The therapy is truly amazing!

GR, accountant


I just wanted to let you know how much the last limiting belief session has impacted my life. Mom and I have had a strained relationship for most of my life. All I really wanted was for us to feel more comfortable with each other. But things have gotten so much better that I look forward to spending time with her! We are discussing a mother-daughter weekend…

KT, massage therapist