Free yourself from physical disease, unhealthy behaviors, and emotional burdens - using life-affirming belief and matrix statements.



Are you yearning to reconnect with the joyful, compassionate, good natured part of your personality? Are you overwhelmed by the angry, cynical, judgmental, fearful voices in your head? Are you ready to bid farewell to your inner critic - those relentless voices that say: I am too old, not good enough, smart enough or not deserving to heal? 

You can peel away restrictive beliefs, conditioned teachings and ingrained language patterns - many that we take for granted or have been passed along for generations without ever questioning the harm they do. The process is remarkably quick and paves the way for reduced pain, greater physical flexibility and improved emotional health.


“Nothing binds you except your thoughts; nothing limits you except your fear; and nothing controls you except your beliefs.”      Marianne Williamson


Question we’ll explore: does your chronic physical ailment or emotional issue have a root cause in a limiting subconscious belief?  


For example, shame and humiliation tend to impair the function of your thyroid gland, which could lead to weight gain, eating disorders and problems metabolizing food.  As you dismantle unhealthy subconscious beliefs, tension that was trapped in your thyroid gland is released. 

Simultaneously massaging the related areas on your feet during the process is not only relaxing, it accelerates your ability to heal. This unique blend of transformative modalities paves the way for improved thyroid gland function as well as diminished feelings of shame and humiliation in your life.


You are not alone. Everyone has blocks… Notice a block for what it is – a toxic or limiting belief - and then release it and replace it with an empowering belief.”     Tracy Gaudet



Your thoughts, feelings and beliefs directly impact your body – they can either cause disease (psychosomatic illness) or be easily reframed to promote psychosomatic “wellness”.  This innovative approach to mental, emotional, and physical well-being may help you:

  • emerge from your shell - feel comfortable in your own skin and proud of who you are
  • freely express your thoughts, ideas, hopes and dreams
  • stop trying to please others - putting your needs and feelings on the back burner, trying to be perfect, conforming to ideas that are not aligned with your values, worrying about not meeting others expectations for you regarding your career, relationships or religious beliefs
  • replace fear and limitation with possibility and unlimited potential
  • feel less triggered by people or circumstances
  • have more meaningful relationships
  • cast away victim consciousness