Reflexolo-chi™ is a soothing variation of the traditional reflexology foot massage that I developed 15 years ago.  These gentle, yet highly effective treatments alleviate tension and pain associated with many common ailments, leaving your whole body revitalized!   


Have you been feeling anxious, exhausted or in pain for so long that you’ve lost hope you will ever feel healthy again? Imagine waking up without pain!


Stress, tension, pain and disease are so commonplace that you may think they are a normal part of life - when that’s not the case.  Usually, those unpleasant, persistent symptoms are important warning signs meant to alert you that something is out of balance.   A reflexolo-chi™ massage can detect and correct those imbalances, and tune into your body’s unique pace and rhythm of healing without pushing, prodding or judging.


Experience why the adage “no pain, no gain” is passé and counterproductive.


Unlike modalities that consider pain a necessary part of healing, reflexolo-chi™ is a gentle, pain free method of restoring health.  If you prefer natural, holistic therapies, or have not felt relief with other treatments, I invite you to discover how “just” massaging the feet can be so relaxing, rejuvenating and therapeutic!


Step into a tranquil atmosphere that allows you to slow down, relax and enjoy a respite from the hectic, stressful pace of life.  Imagine:

  • A gentle, soothing touch that’s astonishingly therapeutic
  • A table so comfortable it feels like you’re laying on a cloud
  • Your tension and pain melting away
  • Feeling your thoughts stop racing
  • Breathing more freely
  • Improved range of motion in your feet, ankles, legs and hips
  • Feeling lighter, looser, rejuvenated, rested and peaceful


I take your symptoms and concerns seriously,  treat you with compassion, and believe that your health can improve regardless of your age or how long you’ve experienced discomfort.

You will walk away with a better understanding of how certain lifestyle choices aggravate disease as well as how simple modifications – such as adequate fluid intake, movement, deep breathing, stress reduction and easy to incorporate self-care techniques go a long way toward maintaining optimal physical and emotional well-being.

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Though clients sometimes joke that I have magic hands, the real magic resides in YOU. My role is to help YOU unblock and rekindle your body’s remarkable capacity for healing.


Find out what people are saying after they experience the relaxing and therapeutic benefits of reflexolo-chi™ - even for disorders that ‘weren’t supposed to heal’.


Each of your organs, glands and muscles has a designated area on your feet that reflects how it is functioning.   Gently massaging each of those areas helps your whole body relax and release pent-up tension, allowing you to feel immediate relief from the symptoms that prompted your visit as well as greater flexibility in your feet.


Though we often take them for granted, our feet reflect the health of our whole body and how every organ, gland and muscle is functioning! 

Illustration of how the feet mirror the body, from Feet First: A Guide to Foot Reflexology, by Laura Norman, © 1988.  



  • Alleviates and counteracts the detrimental effects of tension and stress
  • Relaxes the nervous system – a necessity in the hectic pace of life
  • Improves blood circulation – allows more oxygen and essential nutrients to reach the cells
  • Detoxifies the body – offsets the harmful effects of chemicals present in processed food, municipal water and the air we breathe
  • Relieves soreness, pain and injuries in the feet
  • Improves organ and gland function throughout the whole body
  • Addresses multiple ailments in the same session
  • Empowers you with simple self-care techniques to maintain optimal health

Learn more about the difference between reflexology and reflexolo-chi™ and which disorders respond well to the massage