Reflexology (reflexolo-chi™) Certification Program: “SOLE TRAINING”


The 250 hour program builds upon the skills learned in the workshop and is intended for students who have completed the Reflexolo-chi™ Workshop and are interested in pursuing reflexology as a career.   This holistic approach uses a gentle, relaxing touch to help awaken the body's natural ability to heal and maintain optimal health.


  • 128 classroom hours:   Each class typically begins with a lesson on the physiology and pathology of the organ systems.  The organs discussed that day will be the focus of the reflexolo-chi™ demonstration afterwards. The remainder of class time will be devoted to practicing the new hand positions and massage techniques with a partner just like in the workshop, and then switching roles so that everyone has a chance to give and receive a treatment. 

  • 100 out of class hours : The purpose of these hour long practice sessions is to develop your confidence and competence in working with a wide variety of people and health disorders.

  • 6 hours of private one on one sessions (scheduled with Gloria outside of class hours)

            2 one-hour reflexolo-chi™ sessions from Gloria
            2 two-hour subconscious belief sessions from Gloria

  • 16 hours: reflexolo-chi™ workshop

CLASS SIZE:  maximum of 6 students.


  • Create an informal, closely supervised hands-on learning environment

  • Learn the history and theory of foot reflexology

  • Learn how the organs and glands of the body function

  • Discuss what changes take place in the body when disease sets in, and how those abnormalities are reflected in the corresponding foot reflex zones.

  • Discover the remarkable health improvements that usually occur during a single session and over the course of several treatments

  • Explore how our thoughts can impact the actual texture and function of our organs - the mind-body connection

  • Impart basic business skills

  • Address limiting beliefs that might get in the way of becoming a successful reflexologist