Do any of these scenarios sound familiar?

  • Certain situations automatically trigger unwanted behavior

  • Repeated conflicts with family, friends or co-workers

  • Doubts about your worth or self-esteem

  • Recurrent health problems

  • Ongoing financial difficulties

  • Unresolved grief or anxiety

  • Feeling like a “black sheep” (the odd ball) in your family, workplace or community?  Someone who doesn’t fit the mold, has felt like an outsider for not following tradition or mainstream views

  • A recurring tape of angry, cynical critical, judgmental, or fearful voices in your head are running or interfering with your life

A bird in flight it being set free.

Step into a healthy new paradigm of living, liberated from fear, guilt, shame, low self-esteem, judgment, self-doubt, worry and limiting beliefs.  Reconnect with your true essence and vast potential for vibrant health, peace and creativity.

Perhaps you’ve consulted with therapists and physicians, taken prescription medication, or experienced unpleasant side effects with your medicines (which are costly and you don’t like putting chemicals into your body). 

Maybe you’ve been informed that nothing is wrong (after all, your lab tests are normal, so the ongoing pain must be in your head), or worse yet, that there is nothing more that can be done (which really means that the person treating you has nothing more to offer, and is not aware of treatment options are available elsewhere).  

Or you’re skeptical that holistic therapies are really effective and could alleviate your symptoms.  After all, it they could, why hasn’t your health care professional mentioned them?

Maybe you’re frustrated because you read the books and attended some workshops but still find yourself lapsing into old behaviors or fears despite all the time you invested trying to do it differently?   Certainly the insight you gained shed light on the origins of your problem. You may finally understand why you behave and feel the way you do. You probably learned well-intended strategies to modify behaviors that are counterproductive to your well-being. Yet if you are still in the same old rut, the knowledge you gained has not led to meaningful improvement in your day-to-day life.

I WILL SUPPORT AND GUIDE YOU through a remarkably rapid and transformative process of dismantling old, dysfunctional teachings, habits and conditioned behaviors.  Addressing core beliefs is an important and often overlooked aspect of disease treatment and prevention. That's unfortunate because much of the physical restriction, pain, discomfort and tension stem from unresolved emotional issues - what's known as the mind-body connection.



As infants and young children, our impressionable minds absorbed countless beliefs instilled by our parents, teachers and clergy, as well as by our own interpretation of our surroundings. Some of those impressions become imprinted as limiting beliefs about our abilities, self-worth, talents, relationships, feelings, money and health. 

Stored in our subconscious minds and hidden from our awareness, they drive our behaviors and responses. Despite our best attempts to make changes in our lives, the frustrating cycle is bound to repeat itself unless the the underlying belief that drives it is addressed.

Unlike approaches where you first discuss how and why the belief exists, in this new approach, recognizing its negative impact and choosing to change it is all that is necessary.



You will be guided through a remarkably rapid and transformative process of dismantling old, dysfunctional teachings, habits and conditioned behaviors.


1.  We look at a specific life challenge that you’ve been struggling with - for example fear, guilt, shame, low self-esteem, judgment, worry, self-doubt, stress, hopelessness, powerlessness or even disease.   In a setting free of judgment and blame, we determine if you are harboring any limiting thoughts or beliefs.  Usually they are tucked away in the subconscious mind, causing a “blind spot” in your ability to resolve the troubling issue.


2.  Replacing self-defeating messages at their subconscious core with life-affirming ones is remarkably quick, empowering and long-lasting. Best of all, this can be done without knowing how, when and where the beliefs came from as a prerequisite to dismantling them.  No matter how ingrained the dysfunctional beliefs are, it is common to experience immediate relief as emotional burdens (old baggage) and physical tension lift. 


3.  You are encouraged to continue the healing process after the appointment by continuing to recite the personalized affirmations you created during the session.


A Case in Point

Let’s look at the situation of a woman who schedules an appointment to help her become more patient toward her family members, since she is frequently set off by little things. She knows deep down that she can do better. She even uses techniques like affirmations or counting to ten before saying anything aloud, yet she is still unable to control her outbursts. She is frustrated and embarrassed that she cannot break this cycle.

A few days after her session, she notices a significant change in the way she responded to life's inconveniences.  Rather than berating her daughter for leaving her backpack at school, her first response was to offer to drive her there to pick it up.

When her husband was having a disagreement with their son, she let him handle the situation. Her newfound patience allowed her to step back from, not into their discussion.

During a recent family vacation, she did not become worked up over the little things, a sharp contrast to previous trips where spending 24 hours a day together meant frequent clashes due to her impatience. Several months later, she continues to notice more examples of her patience, and says it feels effortless and almost normal!